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This YoCaHuNa disk is currently available only by contacting YoCaHuNa MuSiC.


Please  click on the mp3 titles below the CD label on this web page to hear the track samples.

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Yocahuna Music

A special CD for

Producers looking for instrumental soundtracks for Film or TV

Artists wishing to hear song potential without any lyrics

Listeners who prefer instrumental music

Click on each track title to hear a sample one minute mp3 extract from each tune. Complete tracks are available for purchase.

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Approxeclipse (2006)


All mp3 samples are 60 second 128kbps, size 940kb each. Complete and individual mp3 tracks are available here for 95 cents each. After buying a track through PayPal your file will either automatically download on your PC or start up in a media player. Just right click the player and use Save As to put the mp3 file into the folder of your choice.

Approxeclipse instrum 

Cabarita Del Mar instrum 

Dream Inventor instrum 

Freebooter instrum 

Gary's Song instrum 

Going Home instrum 

Had To Lose To Find You instrum 

I Feel Okay instrum 

Lady & Waitress instrum 

Like James Brown instrum 

Mom's Cafe instrum 

Near My Heart instrum 

No Greater Love instrum 

No One But You instrum 

One For You instrum 

One Man Band instrum 

Only You Do This To Me instrum 

Overtime instrum 

Rastithopian instrum 

Ready Set Let's Go! instrum 

Sunshine State instrum 

Waiting For A Miracle instrum 



01. Approxeclipse * thunderstorm, dynamic flamenco feel

02. Only You Do This To Me * now is the time, pop rock

03. Like James Brown * sock it to me fun, rhythm & blues

04. Lady & Waitress * bar or nightclub ambience, soft rock

05. Had To Lose To Find You * leave or arrive, pop rock

06. Near My Heart * missing at sea, rolling ocean folk rock

07. Freebooter * pirates ahoy, Spanish folk rock

08. One For You * tom-toms, Native Indian rain dance

09. Sunshine State * upbeat travelling, lively Brazilian style

10. Gary's Song * over the rainbow lullaby, soft pop rock

11. Overtime * rocky relationship rescue, pop rock

12. Going Home * happy to be going back, hip hop rock

13. No One But You * wilderness edge, romantic soft rock

14. I Feel Okay * upbeat open air feel, mixed African style

15. Dream Inventor * romantic scheming, folk rock

16. Ready Steady Let's Go! * get it together, reggae rock

17. Rastithopian * country rain, laid-back tropical reggae

18. Waiting For A Miracle * buoyant optimism, pop R&B

19. Mom's Cafe * keep on trucking, rhythm & blues

20. No Greater Love * salute to honor, military rap

21. One Man Band * street band entertainment, pop rock

22. Cabarita Del Mar * slow ocean tribute, classical style


For more background details please see the notes and lyrics.

For the song versions please click on Overtime or Dream Inventor