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Below the mp3 files you will find background notes on the songs and the lyric & chord sheets.

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Yocahuna Music

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Yocahuna - Dream Inventor CD

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Dream Inventor (2005)

All mp3 samples are 60 second 128kbps, size 940kb each. Complete and individual mp3 tracks are available here for 95 cents each. After buying a track through PayPal your file will either automatically download on your PC or start up in a media player. Just right click the player and use Save As to put the mp3 file into the folder of your choice.

NOTE: Individual mp3 tracks are also available for download or streaming at some online stores, but they often generate their own poor quality mp3 files. Please be sure to compare their audio with the sample mp3 files on this site before buying anything.

For instrumental samples only, click HERE

1. No One But You 

2. I Feel Okay 

3. Dream Inventor 

4. Ready Set Let's Go! 

5. Rastithopian 

6. Waiting For A Miracle 

7. Cash & Carry Safari 

8. Mah Dawg Died 

9. Mom's Café 

10. No Greater Love 

11. Cabarita Del Mar instrumental 

12. One Man Band 

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Individual mp3 tracks are available for download or streaming at some online stores, but they often generate their own poor quality mp3 files. Please be sure to compare their audio with the sample mp3 files on this site before buying anything.

Song notes, plus lyrics & chord sheets for 95 cents.

No One ButYou. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, © 14 April 2005.

A song of tired faith and tried faithfulness written generically to be taken on several planes, depending on your point of view.

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* * *

I Feel Okay. Lyrics: C. Lanches, Music: P. Dunstan, © 31 January 2005.

Carol's 4th song for her Bryan. The words were so upbeat I used the Jean-Bosco Mwenda African finger technique shown me by Jeremy Taylor in London, England, and who himself learned the style while in Africa recording local songs with the Tracey Brothers. They were knocked out by the self-taught Mwenda, Africa's most renowned and influential grass roots acoustic guitarist.

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* * *

Dream Inventor. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, © 21 March 2005.

For my father, accomplished artist, engineer and thinker whose gadgets and inventions were an integral part of his life from start to finish. He made working models and prototypes of practically everything he sketched. Engineer friends at his funeral referred to him as "a small genius." He taught me everything from boat building to painting, and of course bought me my first guitar.

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* * *

Ready Set Let’s Go! Lyrics: C. Lanches, Music: P. Dunstan, © 14 January 2004.

Carol’s 2nd song for her estranged daughter, another optimistic cry for a happy ending on many levels.

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* * *

Rastithopian. Lyrics & music: P. Dunstan, © 17 May 2004.

For Bob Marley. I used all the more understandable patois I could from my youth in Jamaica for the man I was foolish enough to not go and see in concert. Bob Marley had the characteristic belief in ganja as an aid to enlightenment and the strange Ethiopian twist of the Bible held by Rastafarians, but his heart was always there for the poor. He never forgot his shanty roots. He was known to walk the streets to sort out the financial problems of hundreds of widows and starving families in a night, staying into the dawn hours. His birthday in Jamaica can bring the island's business to a halt, every radio station playing him non-stop. One Love was voted in the UK as the best pop anthem of the 20thC. His first song, Concrete Jungle, on his first album, Catch A Fire, is an amazing entrance for the man they called Legend.

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* * *

Waiting For A Miracle. Lyrics: C. Lanches, Music: P. Dunstan, © 07 November 2003.

Carol’s 1st song for her Bryan and the first I ever put to music. It was a novel experience, hearing the music in my head as I read the words, and then searching for the chord shapes. She had intended it to be more romantic, Like Had To Lose To Find You, but the buoyant feel for me translated into much more of a simple and insistent bop style track.

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* * *

Cash & Carry Safari. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, © 14 January 2005.

The only song I’ve created where music preceded words, a mixture of African jump-up and calypso with whimsical Jimmy Buffet style lyrics... for the urban bwana.

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* * *

Mah Dawg Died. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, © 27 September 2005.

For all those who love to hate or hate to love Country and Wastrel. This genre can be the most sugary cornball or depressing dirge, deserving a surgeon general’s health warning and a ban in public places, and then it can be just right, in the hands of someone like Willy Nelson with a beaten up guitar and voice of hometown grit. No offense to Country fans but I could not resist this skit on a guy who loses much more than his dawg and gal.

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* * *

Mom’s Café. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, © 29 March 2005.

For three Mom’s in particular, and all the rest I’ve never met, an endangered species deserving your support. If you haven’t yet found a worthy cause, pull off the road once in a while and eat at Mom’s.

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* * *

No Greater Love. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, © 05 April 2005.

I guess this is anti-rap, the opposite of that kill and rape genre which is bending so many minds to the dark side. Being raised in Jamaica, and seeing many people in dire poverty who still manage to walk with grace and without such an attitude, and dance their cares away to upbeat reggae, showed me that being in the ghetto does not mean your mouth has to be in the gutter. I’ve never understood how anyone could sing or listen to bad rap, or refer to a policeman or soldier as a pig. Rap has some great beats, if they were only used with words lifted upwards. So here is my simple anthem for all those men in uniform, and I mean the good ones not abusing their position or on the take, so often doing a thankless task that I could never perform.

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* * *

Cabarita Del Mar (Instrumental). Lyrics & music: P. Dunstan, © 14 June 2004.

"Little Headland of the Sea." My tribute for my father, named after his 38-foot ketch, entirely self-built from keel to sails. It was written for his birthday and wedding anniversary, summer 2004, and turned out to be the very last music he heard.

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* * *

One Man Band. Lyrics: C. Lanches and P. Dunstan, music: P. Dunstan © 24 May 2005.

This track was developed from Carol's poem which was originally entitled Guitar Man. It became an ode to all those street musicians trying so hard to make a go of it. Believe in your dreams, that your day will arrive.

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* * *

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