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Yocahuna guitar body

contact email: yocahunamusic@yahoo.com

Yocahuna guitar head


AP Guitar Tuner is an excellent freeware item, providing many tuning options, and it works perfectly, even with a basic PC microphone.

Click here to download now! file size 1057kb

Yocahuna tunes his own guitar to E flat with this software (all 6 strings a semitone below standard) to obtain the premium setting for this instrument's enhanced resonance.



Yocahuna Music

Links to other great products and software.

Great service with an outstanding selection, Strings By Mail is almost certainly your best source online.

For vividly colored strings, see the selection at Strings On Guitar!

Virtual Guitar & Chordbook provides a super online interactive diagram of a guitar fretboard for finding all those tasty chord shapes.

This is a useful tool to search the Web for sound files like drum loops and other audio samples and effects.

GoldWave is an excellent Wav editor with an easy user interface. Mix your recorded sound files and save them in Wav or Mp3 format.

For recording Wav files, Total Recorder is very faithful in sound capture.

A great little Midi composer, Anvil Studio is freeware for its basic functions.

Here is a link to a selection of free Midi to Mp3 and Wav file converters.

Considered essential in many studios, the SM line from Shure is probably the best value for money in all-purpose instrumental and vocal microphones.

Audio Buddy

For the budget conscious musician and for lightweight portability, Audio Buddy produced by M-AUDIO is a dual-line pre-amp that is exceptionally quiet for PC input. A good quality 1/4" to 1/8" (male-to-male plug) shielded stereo cable is required to transfer output from the pre-amp to the PC's Line-In socket.

YoCaHuNa uses mister.net, quite simply the best value website hosting available on the Internet.


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