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Please  click on the mp3 samples on this web page to hear the tracks. You can download the files or listen online from the source.

contact email: yocahunamusic@yahoo.com


Below the mp3 files you will find background notes on the songs and the lyric & chord sheets.

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Other Songs not on a CD

Click on the track title to isten to 60 second mp3 samples at 128kbps. Complete and individual mp3 tracks are available here for 95 cents each. After buying a track through PayPal your file will either automatically download to your PC or start up in a media player. Just right click the player and use Save As to put the mp3 file into the folder of your choice.

1. Rising Sun 

2. Saved The Best 'Til Last 

Song notes, plus lyrics & chord sheets for 95 cents.

Rising Sun. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, 21 September 2006.

Written after many sleep-disturbed nights during a very stressful experience, waiting for the relief of leaving it all behind for a new day. The words were then molded to reflect a more universal theme.

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Saved The Best 'Til Last. Lyrics and music: P. Dunstan, 07 May 2006.

Originally penned by request as a wedding poem and then put to music afterward.

Honorable Mention 2007 Song Of The Year Competition, Houston, Rock Category.

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